Lund is a welcoming city, especially when summer and nice weather. Photo: Mikael Risedal.

Welcome to the homepage of the 10th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics.

Thanks All for Contributing!

Next Stop Trondheim!

The 10th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics in Lund is finished! Lund conference organizers thanks all lecturers, attendees, committee members, sponsors, exhibitors, workshop organizers and all others involved for the contribution to the conference!

We also thanks all that by service minded efforts and specific skills have made the conference possible: Lund University, Anagram AB (conference organizer), Tegners Matsalar (lunch and dinner suppliers), students, city guides and the conference dinner entertainers Stefan&Kim.

We also congratulate Trondheim to be the organizers of The 11th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics 2017! See you there!


Images and Proceedings Published


An gallery with a lot of images from the conference is published. Please check the image gallery page.

The proceedings are now also possible to download. Please check the proceedings page.


Photographers, header image collage (from left to right): Kennet Ruona, Mikael Risedal, Mikael Risedal, Lasse Strandberg, not known, Kennet Ruona